Friday, March 22, 2013

A Johnny the Tuber Paint Featurette: Juan del Tubero

Paint kinda sucks to draw in. But being as I'm not renowned for my artistry as it is, it was a perfect medium to help give Johnny the Tuber as a comic a bigger worldview and feel. You see, apocalypses don't just affect Washington. It's a good place to go when it happens (great subway system, fast transit), but there's more to life.

Today, we'll get to read and enjoy a snippet of somewhere else in this crazy, crazy world. It's in the not-so-distant Gulf of Mexico, and as always, things are a-happenin'.

Enjoy, and perhaps we'll see another featurette later on down the road.


Where do you get a bandana like that? Maye it's some sort of....who knows...secret?
also, if you're seeing through the picture, go ahead and just click on it. You'll be able to see the entire thing in its full glory.

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