Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Extra (content) Extra (content)! Read all about it!

It's coming! Just give it just another week and you'll see a  Johnny the Tuber we've been cooking up special for you folks. It promises to be one for the record books. You know- that journal where you write about all of your favorite Johnny the Tuber comic strips. This one will be in there. Guarantee; just wait and see.
But don't cry about not having a strip this week just yet. To tide you over, we've got some content for this post. Enjoy!
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I know it's not a very funny comic, but hey. It's our blog. What are you going to do about it?
Sorry. Anyway, we all know Johnny is very badass. But just HOW did he become so badass? I'm hoping to answer at least a little bit of that question here. And hey- how often do you get to see Johnny without his trusty bandana?

And finally, to tickle your funny bones and make you feel like your part of a great big inside joke in some wondrous world, here's a few Johnny memes. Let them pleasure you:

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