Thursday, May 30, 2013

Our Sincere Apologies, and Some Potty Humour

Hello, faithful Johnny followers!

Yes you, our visitor from Malaysia - couldn't be more excited to see you. And our UK Fanbase...rabid! Love it!

Just can't get enough of that Johnny, can ya...

Anyways, I'd (Andrew) like to just make a quick sortie out and say sorry for the lack of new content in the past two weeks. We know JTT 10 was big enough to tide you over, because heck, we're just that awesome. And, we hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day weekend, U.S. folks!

But, the wait is over! You should see new content pretty soon, and we'll get the Johnnymills churning.

Thanks for sticking around - your loving creator/s,

Andrew (and Henry, in Spirit, were he typing this post, I'm sure. Since he's not - get yo contrite attitude on, mister!)

For kicks:

And a Karl Komic that sufficiently sums up our time living together in Junior College:

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