Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Award-Winning Authors

Award winning authors have a few things to say about Johnny the Tuber. Huh? Oh, no. Not directly, of course. Even the creators are somewhat hesitant to lay claim to the contents of this blog at times; still. There is something to be said about the simple majesty of the potato, as is evident in this nationally famous work published by this nationally famous author.

" 'I suddenly knew what I wanted.' He pulled up his left pant leg. There was a small tattoo just above his ankle... All day everyone told Calvin what they would have gotten: a fire-breathing dragon, a lightning bolt, a creature from outer space. 
None of them said they would have gotten a potato.
But Calvin knew better... He looked at  his potato. He smiled. It made him happy.
He was sure he had made the right choice.

At least he was pretty sure."

-Louis Sachar

How about them 'taters. You should go get a tattoo of everyone's favorite potato on your ankle!
Seriously though, go.
Why not get this?